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Accepted Papers at HAIDM 2014

We received a record 22 submissions out of which 17 were accepted (10 for long talks, 7 for short talks). The full schedule for the workshop will be announced in the coming weeks but here’s a taster:

Long Talks (15+5mins)

  • Amos Azaria, Sarit Kraus, Claudia Goldman and Kobi Gal. Advice Provision for Choice Selection Processes with Ranked Options
  • Peter Wallis, Keeley Crockett and Claire Little. When Things Go Wrong
  • Avshalom Elmalech, David Sarne and Noa Agmon. Peer Designed Agents: Just reflect or also affect?
  • Chen Hajaj and David Sarne. Strategic Information Platforms – Selective Disclosure and The Price of “Free”
  • Nader Hanna and Deborah Richards. “Building a Bridge”: Communication, Trust and Commitment in Human-Intelligent Virtual Agent Teams
  • Arif Tuna Ozgelen and Elizabeth I. Sklar. Toward a Human-Centric Task Complexity Model for Interaction with Multi-Robot Teams
  • Frank Verberne, Jaap Ham and Cees Midden. Familiar faces: Trust in a facially similar agent
  • Galit Haim, Kobi Gal, Bo An and Sarit Kraus. Equilibrium Strategies for Human-Computer Negotiation in 3-player market settings
  • Sarvapali Ramchurn, Feng Wu, Wenchao Jiang, Joel Fischer, Steven Reece, Chris Greenhalgh, Stephen Roberts, Tom Rodden and Nick Jennings. Human-Agent Collaboration for Real-World Disaster Response
  • Francesco Delle Fave, Matthew Brown, Chao Zhang, Eric Shieh, Albert Jiang and Milind Tambe. Security Games in the Field: Deployments on a Transit System

Short talks (8+2mins)

  • Alper Alan, Enrico Costanza, Joel Fisher, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Tom Rodden and Nicholas Jennings. A Field Study of Human-Agent Interaction for Electricity Tariff Switching
  • Rui Prada and Ana Paiva. Human-Agent Interaction: Challenges for Bringing Humans and Agents Together
  • Avi Rosenfeld. NegoChat: A Chat-Based Negotiation Agent    
  • Joana Campos and Ana Paiva. Interactive Social Agents from Deep Data
  • Robert Axtell. A Boundedly Rational Human Turns Off a Rational Assistant in Finite Time with Probability 1
  • Hirotaka Osawa. Sustainable Relationship with a Product using Anthropomorphization
  • Kobi Gal. EduRank: Personalization in E-Learning using Social Choice and Collaborative Filtering